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The total number of hours that may be transferred for use toward the Ph.D. degree is 30 semester credit hours. Transfer of credit from other universities must meet the following criteria:

• The course must be graduate level.
• The grade must be a B- or better. 
• The work must have been completed within the past five years or  validated by special examination/evaluation.

No graduate credits earned outside the U.S. by foreign students can be transferred into the program. Some exemptions for Canadian degrees will be granted upon the approval of the Dean of the Graduate School.

The request for transfer must be made on a dedicated form obtained from the Graduate School Office or from the Web at This form must be completed by the student, endorsed by the adviser and the Program Director, and subsequently submitted to the Graduate School along with official transcripts documenting successful completion of each course proposed for transfer. While it is advisable to review and get tentative approval from the Program Director for all prior academic work to be applied to the Ph.D. degree, students are encouraged to wait until they successfully complete the Preliminary Examination to submit the authorized list of transferable courses/credits to the UC Denver Graduate School.

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