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Research Staff

Mike Bada, PhD

Biomedical Ontologist


Research Areas: Formal (especially ontology–based) representation of biological data and its applications. The integration and enrichment of existing biological ontologies by mining the component ontologies, generating assertions involving the ontological terms, and adding these assertions to the ontologies as links between terms. Also, the annotation of texts to serve as gold–standard corpora for biomedical text–mining, involving maintenance of the ontologies used, development of the annotation guidelines, and training of the annotators.
PubMed Publications

Anis Karimpour-Fard, PhD

Bioinformatics Research Associate


Research Areas: Development and application of statistical and machine learning methods for analyzing large high throughput genomic datasets.
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Administrative Staff  

  Kathleen Campbell, BS
Administrative Coordinator
photo of Caitlin Moloney Program Administrator Caitlin Moloney
Program Administrator
David Farrell, BS
Systems Administration / IT Manager
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