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How to Apply
Potential postdoctoral fellows should identify a member of the Computational Bioscience core faculty with an allied research interest. We strongly encourage applicants to discuss their interest with that faculty member before applying.

Individuals interested in applying for postdoctoral fellowships should send a statement of research interests, the desired research mentor(s), a list of three references, and a complete curriculum vitae to or at the following:

Attn: Kathy Thomas
Computational Bioscience Program
University of Colorado School of Medicine
Mail Stop 8303

12801 E. 17th Ave.
Aurora, CO 80045-0511
Telephone: 303-724-3399

Fellowships and Awards

Postdoctoral fellowships with generous stipends are available for highly qualified trainees. Trainees also receive health and dental insurance. Some highly qualified trainees are eligible for National Library of Medicine/NIH Fellowships, which include more generous stipends and travel expenses. Qualified postdoctoral trainees from under–represented minority groups are eligible for additional travel and other training benefits.

Research Opportunities
Research training in the Computational Bioscience Program spans computational aspects of basic, translational and clinical sciences in a variety of disciplines and disease areas. The seven core faculty members address a wide range of research topics, including:

• Physical simulations of biological macromolecules and their dynamics
• Gene expression array analysis and interpretation of expression data
• Proteomic informatics
• Biomedical ontologies and knowledge–based systems
• Natural language processing in the biomedical literature
• Computational pharmacology
• Metabolic and signaling pathway analysis
• Evolutionary reconstruction and disease gene finding
• Semantic web and systems integration

Campus Resources for Current Postdoctoral Fellows

UC Denver Postdoctoral Office

Office of Research Development and Education 

The office of Research Development and Education is here to help you find new research funding opportunities, navagate the landscape of proposal development and much more!

Bioinformatics Salary Outlook

The Scientist's Life Science Salary Survey 2010 -- Results Announced

This year's Salary Survey saw drops in salaries across the board with almost every speciality suffering a setback, some with dips as large as $20,000 (ecology) and $28,000 (virology). However, a few select fields, namely bioinformatics, biophysics, biotechnology, and neuroscience, bucked the trend and actually posted salary increases this year.

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