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Postdoctoral Fellows The Computational Bioscience Program at the University of Colorado, School of Medicine anticipates openings for NLM (NIH) funded postdoctoral fellowships. The Computational Bioscience Program is home to sixteen core faculty working in the areas genomics, visualization, text mining, knowledge representation, network analysis, molecular evolution, phylogenetics, statistical methods, microarray, biomedical ontology, and other areas.  The School of Medicine is home to a broad array of outstanding research and instrumentation, including extensive DNA sequencing and microarray facilities, and more.  We are housed on the first all-new medical campus of the 21st century, close to both the urban amenities of Denver and the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Please visit our Job Opportunities page for more information.


Kimberly Kanigel Winner

Costello Lab


Research Areas:
PubMed Publications


Will Kindel

Zylberberg Lab

Email: William.Kindel@UCDENVER.EDU

Research Areas:
PubMed Publications


Dan McShan

Hunter Lab

Email: Daniel.McShan@UCDENVER.EDU

Research Areas:
PubMed Publications


Brian Ross

Costello Lab
Research Areas: My current research focuses on ways of finding relationships between data sets, often using tools of information theory. I am also involved in analyses that could help reconstruct the mysterious structure of chromosomes.
PubMed Publications
PubMed Publications Link 2


Jenny Wen Shi

Kechris Lab
Research Areas: My current research focuses on the development and application of statistical methods for analyzing and integrating high throughput sequencing data. I am also interested in generalized fiducial inference, its applications in natural science, and Markov chain Monte Carlo methods.
PubMed Publications


Elizabeth White

Hunter Lab
Research Areas: Natural language processing of biomedical texts; modeling of arguments and explanations; efficient and useful querying of KaBOB, a Semantic Web framework for biological assertions.
PubMed Publications

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