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Training Faculty Katerina Kechris Awarded NIH R01
Dr. Katerina Kechris was recently awarded an NIH/NIAAA R01 grant entitled “Genome-wide identification of miRNAs associated with alcoholism endophenotypes” to study the genetic factors and molecular mechanisms affecting the predisposition to alcoholism. She will use next generation sequencing technology to profile miRNA in the brains of inbred mice and then develop computational methods to integrate genetic, transcriptome (mRNA and miRNA) and alcohol-related behavioral data.  Dr. Kechris will be recruiting a post-doctoral fellow to work on this project, please contact her for more information on this position:

Predoctoral Student, Christopher Funk publishes first author paper in BMC Bioinformatics Journal
Link to the full article available here.

Computational Bioscience Program Director, Dr. Larry Hunter in the news, many times over!

Nature interviewed Dr. Hunter and others for their article, Biology, the big challenges of big data. Link to the full article available here.

Science also looked to Dr. Hunter in their look at interdisciplinary careers, entitled "Computer Scientists Get Wet". See it here.

In an article in the Smithsonian magazine looked to an article Dr. Hunter wrote in 1985 that discussed the future outlook of privacy, that serves (as the title states) a Prediction(s) for Privacy in the Age of Facebook (from 1985!). Link to the full article here.

The Boston Globe interviewed Dr. Hunter on the topic of privacy, also referencing his 1985 article, in "Larry Hunter, the Cassandra of Digital Privacy. See the full interview here.

Lastly, Dr. Hunter was interviewed on NPR's All Things Considered on how to protect your privacy today. Listen here.

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