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Grading Policy
The Computational Bioscience Program adheres to the Graduate School grading policies as outlined in the Graduate School Handbook. In addition, the Program has the following grading policies:

All course work must be completed on time. Exceptions are made only for special circumstances and with advance agreement from the instructor. Without such an agreement, the instructor will assume that the student's work is unsatisfactory, which will be reflected in the student's grade (an "IF" will be given). If special arrangements are made, the student will be assigned the grade "IW". All incomplete work must be completed within one year or else an "IW" automatically becomes a "W" (withdrawn) and "IF" automatically becomes an "F".

Disseration and lab rotations are assigned the grade "IP" (in progress) until the final written paper is complete. At that time, a letter grade will be assigned retroactively.

In addition to the Graduate School policy requiring students to maintain a grade point average of at least 3.0, the program specifies that students must receive grades of B– or higher for the Ph.D. degree in all required courses. Students with a lower grade in a required course may retake the course once. If the course is a prerequisite for other courses, the student must obtain special permission from the instructor to enroll in an advanced course sequence before retaking the prerequisite.

Leave-of-Absence Policy
All leaves-of-absence from the program for periods of one semester or longer must be requested in writing and approved by the program director. The program adheres to Graduate School policy which states that students who fail to register or submit a Statement of Academic Intent after an absence of one academic year will be required to reapply for admission to the Graduate School through their program.

Waiving Courses
If a student believes that he/she has covered the content of a required course in previous course work, he/she may request to waive the course. To waive a course, the student consults the instructor teaching the course, bringing evidence of his/her previous work in the subject. With the instructor's and advisor's approval, the student can substitute the course requirement with an equivalent number of hours in an elective course or independent study.

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