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My Academic Affiliation

I am an Associate Professor at the Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora Colorado. I hold primary appointment at the Department of Medicine, Division of Pulmonary Sciences and Critical Care Medicine, and secondary appointment at Computational Bioscience Program and School of Public Health. I serve as the director of CCTSI Informatics Education Support where we use innovative methods to disseminate education knowledge to the scientific community. Finally, I am the co-editor for the Software Review segment for Human Genomics Journal.

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My Research Interest

My primary research interests include the development and discovery of best practice for bioinformatics and statistical pipeline to analyze genomic and high-throughput data. Over the years, I have developed interest in various bioinformatics topics and challenges, including

  • Microarray time course analysis -- Tranjectory Custering

  • Alternative splicing transcript expression analysis

  • Bioinformatics pipeline for shRNA synthetic lethality assay

  • Long non-coding RNA expression analysis pipeline

  • Discovery of best practice Next Generation Sequencing data analysis pipeline

  • Computational pipeline in the era of big data science

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My Day Job

I am the lead data analyst for the Genomics and Microarray Core Lab at the Anschutz Medical Campus, University of Colorado Denver. I am interested in developing computational and statistical methods to process and analyze high throughput dataset, such as microarray and next generation sequencing. I work closely with the Genomic and Microarray Core Lab in advising scientist in designing and analyzing their data. I have many collaborators in studying wide range of biological and medical research. I am also a analysis consultant for CCTSI would be happy to talk to you regarding initial experimental design and analysis issues.

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My Teaching Interest

I believed that all biologists are data analysts, who lack analysis skills. Therefore, I am aiming to bridge the cap between Bioinformatics and Biology through education. I am the director of Translational Informatics Education Services (TIES), a sub-division of CCTSI Research Informatics Integrated Core (RIIC). We develop innovative, and entertaining, short video learning materials to teach various informatics topics. We called our system 5X5 where you can learn 5 important aspects of a topic in 5 minutes. In addition, I also hosted many other data analysis classes for the Bioinformatics graduate program. I teach R and Bioconductor to data analyst and biologists alike. In addition, I am very in interested in the concept of Reproducible Research and tools built around this common goal.