BIOS6660: Data Analysis with R and BioConductor

Tzu L. Phang PhD
September 01, 2015

Welcome to Devil Course; BIOS`666`0

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Install R and RStudio

If you have not done this already …



During th lecture …

Learning Objectives for Today

  • Course logistic: course website + syllabus
  • Grading: Presentation + Homework Reports
  • Course format: Analysis Module
  • Computing System and Resources
  • Who are the PIs?
  • Installation: R and RStudio
  • Reproducible Research Report (RRR) hands on

My Teaching Philosophy

  • Learn from example
    • Good artist copy, great artist steal
  • Learn by practicing
    • Refer to my lecture as often as you wish
  • Learn from the crowd
    • Text books are slow, much faster to ask the web; automatic updates

Course Website

Or click here

Or Search Google for: tzuinformatics bios6660 2015

Class Room Change

  • Usually: Ed 2 North 2201DE Computer Lab (10:30 to 11:50 am)
  • Sept 08, 2015: P28-2301
  • Dec 17, 2015 (last day): P28-2307

How do I communucate with you?

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Any wisdom??

R Distribution

R is Free

  • Default Distribution:
  • A better distribution:
    • Revolution R Open RRO