BIOS6660 RNAseq Day 3

Tzu L. Phang
October 13, 2015

Today's Agenda

  • RNA-seq analysis trouble shooting
  • Review Microarray Homework

RNA-seq Homework Due

Oct 20, 2015 Mid-night

Microarray Homework

  • Congratulation, extemely well work
  • However – much can be improved

Most important step

Examine your report

Purpose of the report

  • Repeat or reproduce the analysis workflow. More importantly, remind youself what you did long time ago.
  • Allow a complete stranger to understand and use the codes
  • The report can be an education tool for the next generation analyst

Microarray HW: Improvement

  • Missing Session Information
  • Session Information should be at the very end, not before conclusion
  • No Table of Content
  • Code or display were out of bound
  • More description on what you did

Table of Content

title: "BIOS6660 2015 Control Structure and Functions"
author: "Tzu L. Phang"
date: "May 21, 2015"
    toc: true
    toc_depth: 3

classoption: landscape

Out of Bounds

  • Need to fix Codes out of bounds alt text

  • Code generated display out of bounds: OK!