BSBT6110: Week 3

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Linux Command Line system

Week 3 Day 1: Tuesday (Sept 06, 2016)

Learn the basic Linux Command Line System … Finishing

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Lear the Linux Comman Line: The Basic with Scott Simpson

  • "3". Common Command-Line Tasks and Tools
    • Manipulate text with awk, sed, and sort
    • Edit text with Vim
    • Edit text with nano
    • Working with tar archives
    • Stdin, stdout, stderr, and output redirection
    • Challenge: Extract information from a text file
    • Solution: Extract information from a text file
  • "4". A Peek at Some More Advanced Topics
    • Find out which Linux distribution you're using
    • Find disk and system information
    • Install and update software in Red Hat, CentOS, and Fedora
    • Install and update software in Debian and Ubuntu

Week 3 Day 2: Thursday (Sept 08, 2016)

Learn AWK and SED

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Course: AWK Essential Training

  • Introduction
    • Welcome
    • What you should know before watching this course
    • Using the exercise files
  • "1". What Is AWK?
    • What is AWK? 3m 11s
  • "2". AWK Command Line Basics
    • Writing an AWK program
    • Working with records, fields, patterns, and actions
    • Using AWK command-line flags
  • "3". Understanding Records and Fields
    • Exploring basic input-field separators
    • Specifying field and record separators with variables
    • Challenge: Change a CSV file to a tab-separated one
    • Solution: Change a CSV file to a tab-separated one
  • "4". Understanding Variables and Operators
    • Using built-in variables
    • Creating user-defined variables
    • Working with operators and arrays
  • "5". A Quick Introduction to Regular Expressions
    • Regular expression basics
    • Working with character classes and quantifiers