BSBT6110: Week 1

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We will be using the Free Ubuntu Desktop system for this course. The Ubuntu system can be install through a Virtual Machine Engine; Virtual Box,

Week 1 Day 1: Tuesday (Aug 30, 2016)

Installing Virtual Box & Ubuntu Desktop

Class agenda:

  • Welcome notes
  • Course logistic
    • Working in pairs
  • Course structure: flipped classroom model
  • Introduction to
  • Prepare to install Virtual Box and Ubuntu

For next class: Navigating the Ubuntu Desktop

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Up and Running with Ubuntu Desktop Linux

  • Introduction
    • Welcome
    • What you should know before staring this course
    • Using the exercise files
  • Getting Started with Ubuntu
    • Introducing Ubuntu
    • Getting Ubuntu
    • Installing Ubuntu in a virtual machine
    • strike me
  • Using Ubuntu Desktop
    • Using Ubuntu Desktop
    • Navigating the Unity Dash
    • Working with the launcher and applications
    • Exploring the account-specific settings
    • Exploring the hardware and system settings
    • Updating the installed software
    • Understanding the Linux file structure
  • Common Tasks and Actions on the Desktop
    • Working with files and folders
    • Using files on external storage devices
    • Installing new software from the Ubuntu Software Center
    • Browsing the web
    • Creating documents, spreadsheets, and presentations
    • Listening to audio in Rhythmbox
    • Working with photos in Shotwell
    • Using the Thunderbird email client

Week 1 Day 2: Thursday (Sept 06, 2016)

Ubuntu Desktop: a grant tour

Class agenda:

  • Ubuntu Installation: trouble shooting
  • A grand tour of the Ubuntu Desktop Operating System

For next class: Learning the Command Line

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Up and Running with Ubuntu Desktop Linux

  • Introduction
    • Welcome
    • What you should know before watching this course
    • Using the exercise files
    • Optional: Creating a virtual machine
    • A very quick intro to Linux
    • Optional: Installing guest additions in the VM for easier use
  • Command-Line Basics
    • What is the command line?
    • Understand how commands are structured
    • Write commands in a shell at the prompt
    • Helpful keyboard shortcuts in the terminal
    • Find help for commands
  • Files, Folders, and Permissions
    • Explore and navigate the filesystem
    • A little more about ls
    • Create and remove folders
    • Copy, move, and delete files and folders
    • Find files from the command line
    • Understand user roles and sudo
    • Understand file permissions
  • Common Command-Line Tasks and Tools
    • The Unix philosophy
    • Use pipes to connect commands together
    • Peek at files with cat, head, tail, and less
    • Search for text in files and streams with grep
    • Manipulate text with awk, sed, and sort
    • Edit text with Vim
    • Edit text with nano
    • Working with tar archives
    • Stdin, stdout, stderr, and output redirection
    • Challenge: Extract information from a text file
    • Solution: Extract information from a text file