Introduction to BioComputing

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BSBT6110: Introduction to BioComputing

This course provides students with hands on experience in basic computation, database, and programming skills set as a preparation for a higher level data analysis course. The students will start by learning the fundamental of data science; database management, data structure, data representation, data visualization, and data analysis, using GUI software interface. Once they have a good grasp of these concepts, they will learn to program these abstraction using command line interface software such as SQL, R and Python. Finally, the students will learn the practice of reproducible research. We will use examples in the context of biomedical and genomic dataset
This course uses the non-traditional classroom setting, known as "Flipped Classroom". Students watch assigned video before coming to class, and we conduct in class exercise to implement what they learned from the video to re-enforce the materials.
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Class Time

Tuesday and Thursday: 1:30 to 3 pm

See below for class location

Office Hour

Tzu L Phang:

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  • Homework 1: Command line: 10%
  • Homework 2: Bash Scripting: 20%
  • Homework 3: R: 20%
  • Homework 4: R: 20%
  • Homework 5: Python: 20%
  • Homework 6: High Performance Computing: 10%