Kevin Bretonnel Cohen
Director, Biomedical Text Mining Group
Computational Bioscience Program
University of Colorado School of Medicine

Office: RC-1 S. Room L18-6102
Phone: 303-916-2417

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I have had the good luck to have the opportunity to work on most of the problems in natural language processing. In recent years I've been doing a lot of work in what you could call "science about science"--reproducibility, ethics, research software engineering and architectures, annotation and inter-annotator agreement... I also do a fair amount of research in the area of what you might think of as computational linguistics, versus natural language processing--the application of descriptive lingusitics techniques to language processing software, computational semantics, and lexical statistics.

I try to keep my research clinically relevant. Some projects that I'm excited about right now are:

  • Spinal cord injury and regeneration
  • Analysis of the speech of suicidal individuals
  • Temporality in health records
  • Information extraction from epilepsy clinic notes

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