Molecular Biology for Computer Scientists,
Mathematicians and Engineers
BIO 5099 (3 credits)
CU Denver/Auraria Library 004 (Directions)
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4:00-5:15pm
TA office hours Tuesdays 1:30-2:30pm (Directions)
Available by video links on other campuses
Prof. Larry Hunter
Office: SoM #2817b
Office phone: 303-315-1094
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Lecture Notes

The lecture notes will be helpful when you're doing your homework. Lecture notes are mostly three slides per page, or the (big) links are one slide per page.
  1. Introduction: Key Ideas, Central Dogma and Educational Philosophy
  2. Evolution
  3. More Evolution, Fossils and Geologic Time
  4. Some Eras and Their Creatures, and Mass Extinctions
  5. Modern Organisms
  6. A Little Bit of Chemistry
  7. More Chemistry
  8. Molecular Biology of Prokaryotes (big)
  9. Protein Structure, Function and Coding (big)
  10. Energy & Enzymes (big)
  11. Instrumentation (by Raphi) (big)
  12. Metabolic Pathways (big)
  13. More Metabolism, and a Theory of the Origin of Life (big)
  14. DNA Replication and Repair (big)
  15. Gene Expression and Regulation (big)
  16. The Eukaryotic Cell (by Christiaan) (big)
  17. Some Prokaryotic Loose Ends and the Origin of the Eukaryotes (big)
  18. Eukaryotic Molecular Biology At Last! (big)
  19. Quiz Review and Eukaryotic DNA (big)
  20. Eukaryotic Genes (big)
  21. More on Eukaryotic Genes & Multicellular Organisms (big)
  22. Development (big)
  23. More Developmental Biology (big)
  24. A Little Neurobiology (big)
  25. A Taste of Anatomy and Physiology (big)
  26. Pathology & Disease (big)
  27. Biotechnology (big)
  28. Biology and Society (big)

Home Syllabus Glossary Lecture Notes Homework Project/Exam

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