BioNLP 2011
A workshop of ACL/HLT 2011
Portland, Oregon, USA
June 23-24, 2011
E-mail: BioNLP2008 arroba
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Submission instructions

Two types of submissions are invited: full papers and poster abstracts. Submissions are due by 11:59 PM EST on Tuesday, March 29, 2011. Submit your paper or abstract via the ACL/HLT website:

Full papers should not exceed eight (8) pages of text and two pages of references. These are intended to be reports of original research. BioNLP aims to be the forum for interesting, innovative, and promising work involving biomedicine and language technology, whether or not yielding high performance at the moment. This by no means precludes our interest in and preference for mature results, strong performance, and thorough evaluation. Both types of research and combinations thereof are encouraged.

Poster abstracts should not exceed two (2) pages. Accepted abstracts will be published in a separate section of the workshop proceedings. Appropriate poster topics include preliminary results, application notes, descriptions of work in progress, etc.

Submissions must be electronic and in PDF format, and should follow the two-column format of ACL/HLT proceedings. Please see the conference website for detailed typesetting specifications. Authors are strongly encouraged to use the style files and formatting instructions available on the ACL/HLT conference website: (scroll down)

Submissions need to be anonymous. Authors who cannot submit a PDF file electronically should contact the workshop organizers well in advance of the submission deadline.

Dual submission policy: note that papers may not be submitted to the BioNLP 2011 workshop if they are or will be concurrently submitted to another meeting or publication and that other meeting or publication prohibits dual submissions. If your paper is also submitted to ISMB or AMIA, you should expect it to be rejected by ISMB and AMIA. If your paper is or will be concurrently under consideration by another meeting or publication, notify us of that fact in a footnote on the first page. Do not dual-submit your BioNLP 2011 workshop paper to ISMB or AMIA.

Shared task submissions

Submissions for papers on the shared task are being handled separately. For more information on shared task paper submissions, see


ACL/HLT is providing a mentoring (coaching) service for authors from regions of the world where English is less emphasized as a language of scientific exchange. Many authors from these regions, although able to read the scientific literature in English, have little or no experience in writing papers in English for conferences such as the ACL meetings. The service will be arranged as follows. A set of potential mentors will be identified by Mentoring Service Chair Tim Baldwin (U. Melbourne), who will organize this service for ACL/HLT 2011. If you would like to take advantage of the service for a submission to this workshop, please upload your paper in PDF format using the paper submission software for the mentoring service available at:

The deadline for the mentoring service is six weeks before the workshop submission deadline. An appropriate mentor will be assigned to your paper and the mentor will get back to you no later than two weeks before the submission deadline.

Please note that this service is for the benefit of the authors as described above. It is not a general mentoring service for authors to improve the technical content of their papers.

Questions about the mentoring service should be referred to tb at

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